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Crunch numbers with our bond repayments calculator in South Africa before you start the application process
One of the greatest financial obligations you'll ever make is getting a bond in South Africa.
However, it might be challenging to determine which bargains will cost you the least with so many options available.
Depending on the offer, our bond repayments calculator shows you the monthly payment as well as the overall cost throughout the course of the loan. You only need to enter some basic information, such as the interest rate and fee amount.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mortgage tools and calculators are intended to make things simpler for you. They'll offer you a ballpark figure for how much you may borrow and examine how modifications to your mortgage would influence your repayment schedule.

Simply enter some details about your current income, typical expenses, and where you are in the mortgage process to utilise our bond repayments calculators.

The amount you are eligible to borrow for a mortgage relies on a variety of variables, such as your salary, bill payments, and any other outgoing expenses, such as credit card or student loan payments.

When a mortgage lender determines how much they may theoretically offer you for a mortgage, these considerations are taken into account.

Interest rates are another factor, and mortgage lenders will often guarantee that you will be able to repay the amount you borrow even if interest rates rise. By taking the aforementioned criteria into account, our mortgage calculators can provide you with a general indication of how much you may borrow for your mortgage.

A deposit, which is essentially money you have saved that will go toward the purchase of the property, is required if you are looking to buy a house.

In most circumstances, your interest rate will likely be lower the more of a deposit you make. The amount of the deposit you must have saved before buying a home depends on a variety of variables, including the sort of mortgage you want to receive and your own financial situation.

To estimate the deposit amount you'll need to buy the home you're interested in, utilise our mortgage calculators.

A lender will normally want proof of your income as well as any necessary living costs in order to determine your affordability for a bond.

They will then perform a credit checks to make sure you can make your bond payments on time and that the loan amount is appropriate for you. During an affordability assessment, you can be required to provide supporting evidence, including your ID proof, proof of address, proof of income, and any other details that might help your application.

Our bond calculators in South Africa can help you estimate how much you could borrow; they are free to use and don't run a credit check.

Bond interest rates are the extra expense incurred as a result of borrowing money from a lender to purchase real estate. Basically, your monthly mortgage payments would be larger the higher the interest rate.

Whether you pick a Fixed-rate or Variable-rate mortgage, the type of interest you may anticipate to pay will depend on the type of mortgage you select. A variable mortgage will have a lower interest rate but no assurance that it won't increase, compared to fixed-rate mortgages, which often have higher interest rates.

Our bond calculators allow you to compare monthly payments and view the mortgage rates that are available to you.

Our Bond Calculators

Our online mortgage calculator can help you estimate how much you might borrow, show your mortgage rates, and compare monthly payments with just a few basic questions. There are no credit checks and it is free to use.

Let's begin by directing you in the proper direction:

A first-time property buyer may be the best choice for you if you're trying to buy your first home and have never been listed on a mortgage before. If at least one of you is a first-time buyer, you will be qualified for joint applications. To begin the process of purchasing your first home, use our first-time property buyer calculator.

Our house mover bond calculator should meet your demands if you're prepared to relocate and are seeking for a new bond agreement. To learn more about the mortgage alternatives that are available to you and to estimate your potential monthly payments, visit our home mover calculator.

Remortgaging could be the best option for you if you currently have a mortgage with another provider and are considering switching to us. By providing details about your existing mortgage, you can use our remortgage calculator to identify new offers that will meet your needs.

You might choose to transfer to a new mortgage if the current mortgage you have is nearing the end of its term. You must be prepared with your mortgage account number.

You might choose to transfer to a new mortgage if the current mortgage you have is nearing the end of its term. You must be prepared with your mortgage account number.

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