Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get listed?
WeSearchSA is 100% free, anyone who needs to drive traffic and get discovered in our site with more than 100 views per day can simply register and start using our service for free.
There is no catch or any hidden terms and conditions, we furthermore won't share your personal or business information with external parties
Of course, we would not have been able to build this directory and maintain it if we were not getting paid for it.

There are cost implications involved, hosting, content writers, data, and other overheads. With search volumes we have on organic traffic, the design and style of our website, we receive lot of requests from big corporates willing to pay for advertising space on our site.
Because our aim is to build the largest directory in South Africa, we attempt to list businesses that we know of to get attention from search engines.

However, for any business that did not sign up with us and we list it on our own capacity, we will never expose any contact details without your concern, cell number, telephone, and email addresses.

If your business is listed without your concern and you're not happy with it, no need to worry, just use the "report" button to request it to removed.
Verification is the key for us. We make sure that we have legit entities and people in our directory. Anyone who registers on our site will have to wait for us to do manual verification.

You can automatically verify your email address and cell phone number, but we will not allow you to login until we have manually verified your details.
Your account is not approved by our administration team yet, sit back and relax, we will have you listed as soon as our verification team is happy with your profile.
Of course, there is one limitation, you can only have one listing per account, that's because our directory is free, and we want to accommodate as many entities as possible.

For more than one account, including other features that includes but not limited to gallery images and advertising, you can sign up for our premium account. click here.
You can simply contact us to upgrade your account, there is of course cost implications for this request. Otherwise, keep it simple, 1 listing at a time then you won’t have pay anything.

For more information on pricing, click here.

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