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Didi App and How It Keeps Its Drivers Pleased And, More Importantly, Loyal – Start DiDi driver registration in South Africa.

Didi has stated since late 2017 that its algorithm can anticipate where riders will be in 15 minutes with an accuracy of above 85%.

The advantages of this are self-evident in terms of enhancing the overall system’s efficiency.

And when you’re transporting 550 million people around 400 locations, these savings mount up quickly.

The 30 million+ pick-up sites displayed on these maps is another intriguing feature.

Both drivers and passengers will know where to meet at these pick-up sites

Not only does this reduce the amount of communication required when drivers and passengers try to find each other, but it also solves what Wang claims is the most common cause of driver complaints.

They claim that the most common source of confusion and complaints is because rules ban drivers from stopping at particular locations, and passengers are rarely aware of this.

Communication, payment, pending orders, and other features are also available via the driver app.

But it’s the app’s driver services page that’s most intriguing.

There’s a lot going on with Didi in the driver services department, and it’s reflected on this website.

Take a peek at some of the driving services available through the app.

DIDI Driver Registration Services

  • Car insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Car owner exercises
  • Government services
  • Finding and buying gas at a discounted rate
  • Finding a charging station
  • Credit services
  • Second-hand car services

Better Service and A Stronger Platform Come From Happy Drivers.

Didi driver registration and other two-sided systems rely on two user groups remaining engaged on the site.

As a result, you’ll benefit from network effects and other “demand-side” advantages.

Platforms and network effects, on the other hand, are not created equal.

Because of its psychology and addictive nature, Facebook has a particularly strong hold on customers.

Merchants love Taobao because it allows them to grow reliant on the site as a sales channel.

Driver-rider platforms, in principle, have certain flaws.

Customers may easily move to another service, especially if they aren’t using it all day like WeChat or Facebook.

Drivers may quickly move to another service, and there isn’t much stopping a new competitor from starting a ride-sharing business in Shanghai.

They could accomplish it, albeit it would be costly.

Adding switching charges for drivers and riders is one approach to improve this.

You provide a variety of services to drivers, keep them pleased, and keep them locked in.

They become more loyal as a result of this.

Driver Services Is Growing into Its Own Industry.

Didi driver services has been rebranded Xiaoju Automobile Solutions as a distinct division.

Didi recently increased its investment in the service by $1 billion.

Because Didi is turning this into a company for its drivers and all vehicle owners in China, it’s now referred to as automotive services (rather than driver services).

Xiaoju’s annualized GMV is expected to exceed US$13.15 billion in 2018, according to the firm.

Xiaoju Has the Potential To Become Its Own Platform.

Xiaoju, which is now defined as a service for Didi drivers and car owners, has the potential to grow into its own platform.

It has the potential to connect Chinese automobile owners with a plethora of businesses that serve and sell to them.

Having two powerful platform businesses is preferable than having one powerful platform business.

Having two complimentary platform businesses that complement each other is even better.

Ant Financial, for example, complements and strengthens Alibaba’s marketplace platform.

Didi’s car-owner service platform may complement the ride-sharing platform in the same way.

DIDI App Driver Benefits in South Africa

Maximize your earnings – With DiDi’s low service costs and extra benefits, you may take home more of the benefits.

Safety first – DiDi’s in-app safety features and specialized driver assistance are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be in control – Choose when and where to pick up nearby riders or when and where to drive.

Engaged driver community – enjoyable and interwoven experience being a member of the didi driver community.

DiDi Driver: Drive & Earn

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